What is our copywriting process?

Our copywriting services range from website content to optimized press releases and sales pages to email campaigns.  Effective, optimized copywriting…

  • Captures your prospects’ attention.
  • Conveys your unique and compelling message.
  • Engages prospects on an emotional level.
  • Encourages prospects to take a specific action.
Marketing content sends an integral message about who you are and what you have to offer. You’d never have clients visit a storefront or office pieced together from whatever you had lying around—you wouldn’t settle for a lava lamp if you’re more of a chandelier person.
Investing in high-quality marketing content is like hiring an interior designer for your online marketing materials .It ensures that every single communication you send out radiates your brand personality, captures your unique voice, and aligns with your vision and goals.
The Ross Design exists to help you create a clear message that is harmonious with your brand. We offer the following copywriting services:
Website Copywriting: Share your message with professional, benefits-driven content that smoothly guides your target audience to your products and services.
Marketing Materials: We create visually impressive multimedia products to highlight of what you have to offer.
Landing and Sales Pages: Deliver value to your customers and convert leads into sales. Capture who your audiences’ identity and improve your conversion rate with targeted landing and sales pages.
Email Campaigns: Stay in touch with prospects and clients, turn prospects into loyal customers, nurture your user community with personalized emails. Leverage the power of frequent effective communication.
Press Releases: Announce company news and drive traffic to your website with press releases.

Calculate your time

Projects Estimated hours to complete
Re-write/Edit existing web content 1-3 hours per page
SEO Articles (300-500 words) 2-4 hours per article
Press Releases 2-3 hours per letter
Sales Letters 2-4 hours per letter
Social Media content 2-3 hours per page
Original web content 2-4 hours per page
Marketing Print Material 1-3 hours per document
Newsletters 2-5 hours per page
Writing may include some or all of the following tasks:
  • Research
  • Meetings with the client
  • Revisions to web content copy
  • Consulting
  • Teleconferences, faxes, e-mails, and travel


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