How It Works


1.      We will have a few questions before we start with your project that can be handled by email or phone.
2.      A representative will meet with you or your team.
3.      We will email you a detailed cost analysis sheet of the project.  No hidden fees, cialis we are always up front with any work we do or will do. 
4.      A non-refundable deposit is required to initiate the project.
5.      You answer more questions.  This helps us create your first drafts. (Three (3) draft changes included in our total cost estimate. After those three, we will discuss any details to fine tune your project with a new estimate.)  
6.      Project will finish and we will email or dropbox you a folder with all your requested files.
7.      You pay the remaining 50% of the total. Easy and efficient!
Ask us how to get ongoing maintenance of your site?
With The Ross Design’s extended maintenance program, you can concentrate on the business of running your business while we handle all the technical details of site administration. The Ross Design will handle all updates, security and changes that your site requires. We’ll keep you online and secure so you can focus on your bottom line. Contact us today to get started.
*Note: Projects such as business cards or logo design typically take 3-5 days. Larger scale projects will be discussed as we find out what type of brand campaign is in order. Music Production or Audio Production needs will depend on the project.  Thanks for your time and it will be great working with you.