SEO Services


What is included with our SEO Services?

On-page SEO and Local SEO

The Ross Design’s SEO service puts your site in the marketplace by analyzing business segment trends, understanding meta data, text-to-image ratio, etc. Your site will compete for placement with all the major search engines. Our website designs incorporate basic SEO tactics. Our SEO services take you to the next level of optimization.

On page optimization

The Ross Design understands what you need, and we’ll put it all in motion for you. We’ll make sure each page on your site has the solid framework it needs to be indexed by the search engines the right way.

We ensure each page has:
Check Meta descriptions
Check Optimized page title & headers
Check Optimal keywords and keyword placement
Check Image Alt text creation

Using search engine tools

We help customers find you.

We ensure your site has:
Check XML sitemap creation and updates
Check Sitemap submission and update to Google®
Check Google® webmaster tools setup
Check Google® analytics setup
Check Robot.txt creation

Local SEO

We make sure your site competes in the local market. We’ll get your site noticed by Google’s local search. When someone in town looks for what you do, your site will be optimized to show them your site and your services. Our local area SEO promotion gets your local community aware of your business and your site.

Directory placement

It’s important that your site be placed in local directories. The Ross Design manually submits your site to the leading directories for your business. This manual submission process is a TLC kind of touch that the search engines love.  It makes a difference.
We don’t use the RoboSubmitters that search engines frown on. We’ll give your site the attention it needs to rank higher in the best directories.
Be search engine friendly
The Ross Design’s general approach to SEO is to make sure your site is search engine friendly. Some SEO companies use techniques that actually hurt your placement.
The Ross Design understands SEO so you don’t have to..